Galaxy Digital to Launch Ethereum (ETH) ETFs in July 2024, SEC Approval Ignites Market Enthusiasm

The Extreme Investor Network is thrilled to announce the exciting news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light for the launch of 10 Ethereum (ETH) spot ETFs in July 2024. This approval has generated a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency market and is expected to draw significant investor interest.

The performance of Bitcoin ETFs, which were launched earlier in 2024, has set a strong precedent for Ethereum ETFs. With $15.1 billion in net inflows by mid-June, analysts are predicting that Ethereum ETFs could capture 20-50% of Bitcoin ETF net inflows over the first five months, targeting $1 billion per month.

The primary market for these ETFs is projected to be independent investment advisors and individuals affiliated with banks or broker-dealers. Ethereum’s unique features, including substantial amounts locked in staking, bridges, and smart contracts, make it more price-sensitive to ETF inflows compared to Bitcoin.

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Despite initial skepticism, Bloomberg analysts have increased the likelihood of approval for Ethereum ETFs to 75%. All applications for spot Ether ETPs were approved by the SEC in late May, with trading potentially kicking off as early as the week of July 11, 2024.

However, some challenges and considerations remain. Several issuers have withdrawn their applications, including ARK, Valkyrie, Hashdex, and WisdomTree. Grayscale is looking to convert the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) into an ETP, similar to its Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust. While the SEC has approved rule changes for listing spot-ETH ETPs on exchanges, individual issuers still need to finalize their registration statements.

Bitcoin ETFs have demonstrated significant retail demand, with institutional interest also on the rise. Over 900 U.S. investment firms, including major banks and hedge funds, have invested in Bitcoin ETFs. Wealth management platforms have yet to fully tap into Bitcoin ETFs, but potential future institutional platform access could be a game-changer for both Bitcoin and Ethereum adoption.

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Looking at structural differences, the market cap of Bitcoin is currently 2.9 times that of Ethereum, and Bitcoin futures markets are about twice as large as Ethereum’s. As a result, Ethereum spot ETF inflows are estimated to be around one-third of Bitcoin ETF inflows, potentially reaching $1 billion per month. Factors like lack of staking rewards for Ethereum ETFs and the conversion of ETHE to an ETF may impact demand.

In conclusion, the launch of Ethereum spot ETFs is expected to have a positive impact on the adoption of Ethereum and the broader cryptocurrency market. It will enhance accessibility and acceptance through regulatory approval and trusted financial services brands. The introduction of Ethereum ETFs may also pave the way for ETFs for other altcoins in the future, expanding the range of cryptocurrency investment options for both retail and institutional investors.

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