Ether ETFs may be on the horizon, as SEC decision is imminent

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Today, we’re diving into the world of cryptocurrency ETFs, specifically spot ether ETFs. The next round of filings for spot ether ETFs with the SEC is due today, signaling a step closer to launching these products in the market. Approval could come as soon as this week or the next, making it an exciting time for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Ethereum is currently trading 25% off its March high, while Bitcoin is 23% below its March 52-week high. Despite these fluctuations, the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs this year has been deemed a success. In fact, spot Bitcoin ETFs have attracted around $15 billion in total inflows since their launch, a significant milestone for this niche product.

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What can we expect from the upcoming spot ether launch? How will it compare to the success of spot Bitcoin ETFs? To explore these questions, we’ll be joined by Matt Hougan from Bitwise Asset Management, one of the applicants for a spot ether ETF. Tune in to ETF Edge at 12:35 p.m. to hear Matt’s insights on the potential impact of spot ether ETFs on the market.

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