EigenLayer enhances airdrop program and responds to community feedback

EigenLayer Expands Airdrop and Addresses Community Concerns

EigenLayer, a leading Ethereum restaking protocol, has responded to community feedback by expanding its EIGEN token airdrop. The protocol will distribute an additional 28 million EIGEN tokens to over 280,000 eligible wallets to address initial allocation concerns and showcase commitment to community input.

Airdrop Updates

Season 1 claimants will receive a minimum of 110 EIGEN tokens, including the standard 10 EIGEN plus an extra 100 EIGEN. Season 2 participants engaged in staking activities from March 15 to April 29 will be awarded a minimum of 100 EIGEN tokens.

EigenLayer has made significant strides to ensure a fair distribution of tokens with the airdrop expansion, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction through added incentives. The Eigen Foundation has also disclosed details on the vesting schedule for investor-held tokens, set to commence once transferable and activate post-September 30.

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The protocol is committed to rectifying oversights in Phase 2 of Season 1, including testnet users in eligibility criteria. EigenLayer, established in 2023, has quickly become a key player in the DeFi space with the second-highest total value locked (TVL) at $14.85 billion, offering scalability and security to the Ethereum network.

By addressing community concerns and expanding the airdrop, EigenLayer emphasizes its dedication to fostering a fair ecosystem. Through ongoing advancements, the protocol provides developers and validators with new opportunities and improved capital efficiency, solidifying its position in the DeFi industry.

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