Cronos (CRO) Mainnet V1.3 Upgrade Set for Block Height 14,920,000

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Exciting news in the world of cryptocurrency! The Cronos (CRO) blockchain is gearing up for a major upgrade with the upcoming Mainnet V1.3 release. This upgrade is set to enhance backward compatibility and RPC improvements, making the network more efficient and reliable for developers and users.

Upgrade Details

The Mainnet V1.3 upgrade for Cronos is focused on improving overall network performance and reliability. With enhancements in backward compatibility and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) functionalities, developers can look forward to a smoother experience when interacting with the network. The upgrade is scheduled to take place at block height 14,920,000, expected around Thursday, July 18, 2024, at 7 AM GMT.

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Network Downtime

During the upgrade process, the Cronos network will experience approximately 60 minutes of downtime. This downtime is essential for validators to upgrade their nodes to the new version. Services such as the Cronos mainnet network, public RPCs, Explorer, and the Cronos bridge will be temporarily paused and will resume once the upgrade is complete.

Impact on End-users

End-users should be prepared for temporary unavailability of the network during the upgrade period. However, all data will be preserved, and normal operations will resume once the majority of validators have completed their upgrades. The estimated time for the block height can be monitored to stay informed about the progress.

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Instructions for Node Operators

Node operators play a crucial role in the upgrade process. It is important for them to upgrade their node binaries to stay synchronized with the chain. Detailed instructions for the upgrade can be found in the Cronos documentation. Operators must ensure not to upgrade to the new binary version, v1.3.0, before reaching the specified block height, as it will be incompatible with the current chain.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the upgrade, the Cronos team is available on the #cronos-mainnet channel on the Cronos Discord server to assist the community.

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