Chiliz (CHZ) teams up with PUML to improve fan engagement through interactive health and wellness experiences.

Integrating Health and Wellness into Cryptocurrency: Chiliz Partners with PUML Better Health

As the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain continues to evolve, companies are finding new and innovative ways to engage with their community. One such partnership has recently been announced between Chiliz (CHZ), a leader in sports and entertainment blockchain, and PUML Better Health, a platform specializing in gamified health and wellness.

The collaboration aims to deliver Move to Earn and Fan Health initiatives to the Chiliz community, offering unique ways to integrate health and fitness into everyday activities. PUML Better Health, an Australian-based platform, gamifies health and wellness by enabling users to connect their wearable devices and claim daily steps. Users are rewarded with PUML coins, which can be redeemed for the native token $PUMLx. This token can then be exchanged for CHZ and Fan Tokens, creating a seamless integration within the Chiliz ecosystem.

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Key features of the partnership include daily rewards for Chiliz users holding a certain amount of CHZ in the PUML self-custody wallet, as well as token-gated challenges that allow users to participate in various health challenges and compete against other community members. The Move to Earn initiative incentivizes physical activity by rewarding users for their daily walks and runs.

This partnership comes at a time when the integration of health and wellness into digital platforms is gaining momentum. With a global focus on fitness and well-being, both Chiliz and PUML Better Health are well-positioned to lead this trend within the sports community.

Alexandre Dreyfus, founder and CEO of Chiliz, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our mission at Chiliz is to continually innovate and enhance the fan experience. Partnering with PUML Better Health allows us to integrate fan health, wellness, and our first Move to Earn platform into our ecosystem, offering fans a unique way to engage with their fan community through gamified fitness challenges.”

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Damien King, CEO and Founder of PUML Better Health, also shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, adding, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Chiliz and bring our gamified health platform to a broader audience. This partnership not only promotes physical activity but also offers a unique way for fans to connect with each other in a SportFi experience.”

Overall, the partnership between Chiliz and PUML Better Health is expected to enhance fan engagement by introducing innovative ways to integrate health and wellness into the sports and entertainment sectors. Stay tuned for more updates on how these two companies are changing the game in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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