Charts show a positive buying opportunity in a consumer stock with a long-term bullish trend

Are you looking for a unique investing opportunity that combines a long-term uptrend with a short-term pullback? At Extreme Investor Network, we call this setup a “fat pitch” chart – similar to a fastball right over the plate in baseball. This ideal combination can often provide a fantastic “buy on the dips” opportunity for investors.

One stock that may be exhibiting this fat pitch chart setup is Crocs, Inc. (CROX). After reaching a peak in mid-June and pulling back about 12%, CROX is now trading around its ascending 50-day moving average. Historically, CROX has had pullbacks to this moving average and has shown resilience by making new swing highs.

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Analyzing the Relative Strength Index (RSI), we can see that the price momentum for CROX remains fairly bullish despite the recent pullback. Additionally, the relative performance line against the S&P 500 index has been trending higher since November 2023, indicating consistent outperformance.

If you tend to struggle with buying breakout names and feel like you may have missed the best part of the move, a pullback opportunity like CROX could be a better fit for your investment approach. Even in the strongest uptrends, pullbacks can provide ideal entry points for investors looking to participate in the next leg higher.

At Extreme Investor Network, we provide unique insights into investing opportunities like the fat pitch chart setup in CROX. Our expert analysis and in-depth research can help you make informed decisions to maximize your investment potential. Stay ahead of the curve and explore new investing strategies with Extreme Investor Network today.

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