Securing the Border

US Mexico border wall

Former President Trump requested $5 billion to build the US-Mexico border wall. The amount shocked many who claimed it would be damaging to the economy and a waste of resources. However, a few short years later, the US agreed, with bipartisan support, to send 8X that amount to secure the Ukrainian border and protect them … Read more

Bishop Evans – Soldier Dead Amid Texas Invasion

National Guard: Bishop Evans

Failing to control the US-Mexico border is costing lives on both sides. Spc. Bishop Evans of the National Guard lost his life after heroically jumping into the Rio Grande to save two migrants who were drowning. The situation has become so dire that 23 migrants have drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande in April … Read more

Disney Loses Special Privileges

Reedy Creek Improvement District

Disney lost its battle in the Florida House after legislation was passed to remove its special district permissions. The Reedy Creek Improvement District was etched out in 1967, which permitted Disney to operate independently from the government. Disney has gone toe-to-toe on numerous political issues with Florida in recent years, but its opposition to the Parental Right … Read more

House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

house votes to legalize marijuana

Individual states began legalizing marijuana a few years ago after the 1969 Supreme Court decision led to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Now, the House has voted to legalize marijuana on the Federal level despite President Biden’s sudden opposition. This is all linked to the Sovereign Debt Crisis – turn down the economy, and governments will … Read more