An Easier Solution for Rupee-Ruble Payments

Putin and Modi

India imported $3.3 billion in goods to Russia in 2021, and the finance ministry has no plans to slow that source of revenue. India has not placed sanctions on Russia. The Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) announced that India will now switch to a SWIFT alternative that permits rupee-ruble payments between the two nations. This renders … Read more

Dow futures rise on optimism surrounding Russia and Ukraine talks

Dow Futures Rise On Optimism Surrounding Russia and Ukraine Talks

U.S. stock futures rose Tuesday, buoyed by optimism over negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. What’s happening Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00, +0.79% rose 217 points, or 0.6%, to 35070 Futures on the S&P 500 ES00, +0.86% gained 0.6%, or 29 points, to 4597 Futures on the Nasdaq 100 NQ00, +1.18% rose 115 points, or 0.8%, to 15100 On Monday, the Dow … Read more

Houston – We have a Problem in Washington

Biden Reaffirms Putin Must Go

While it is true that all nations selfishly act to expand their geopolitical influence and power following Adman Smith Invisible hand be it internationally as well as domestically against their own people – i.e. endless regulations and rising taxation. Just two days ago, Blinkin had his wrists slapped with a club warning that he was … Read more

China Backs Russia – They Are All-In

China Has Decided They Are going All In On Russia

QUESTION: Marty; I remember when the Chinese central bank said they were using capital flow analysis which is your model. You said China should buy US debt directly from the Treasury and not the NY bankers. They did that in a matter of weeks. So when they say they are on the right side of history, … Read more

Are we Following the Path of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong.You previously mentioned that the chance for world war 3 will come to play after 2027 … but nowadays you are warning that those dead head’s in the west are pushing the world into world war 3 right now.Is there a change in the timeline?With much appreciation,Tal ANSWER:  The post-2024 period appears to … Read more

Two Russia-Ukraine War Losers… And One Hard Asset That Beats Gold, Silver, And Stocks

By Kim Iskyan In a war, there are obvious losers: dead civilians… fleeing refugees… maimed soldiers (on both sides)… and even infrastructure. War can ravage anything in its path. War also has consequences that stretch beyond the battlefield. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, clear economic impacts include higher commodities prices, the “war tax,” a weaker U.S. dollar, … Read more