Canada Bans Gun Imports

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Canada is rapidly descending into a dictatorship under the rule of Justin Trudeau. Beginning on August 19, imports of handguns will be illegal. What has happened in the past when governments have seized guns from the people? Look throughout history, and you will find the same pattern emerges. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino determined that … Read more

Canada Waives Vaccine Requirement for Ukrainian Refugees

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Canadians have been brutalized by vaccine mandates, unable to leave their own country unless they comply. Prime Minister Young Global Leader Trudeau just waived all restrictions for Ukrainian refugees. Under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET), Ukrainians “are exempt from Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination entry requirements.” Refugees may be subject to tests and quarantines, but … Read more

Trudeau’s Advice for the Poor – Kill Yourself

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I reported that Canada has begun a eugenics program, yet again, to remove the undesirables from society legally. The Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) program was initially intended to provide legal euthanasia for people suffering from terminal illnesses. It was presented as a humane alternative for those who were in extreme pain and slowly awaiting death. … Read more

Trudeau Admits He Does Not Understand Basic Math

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In an old video that has resurfaced from Justin Trudeau’s days as a West Point Great Academy teacher, the now prime minister admitted that he struggles with basic math. “I have a slight learning disability…that was never addressed,” the 29-year-old teacher stated. “I am dysnumeric,” Trudeau said after self-diagnosing why he cannot understand small math … Read more

Canada Begins Eugenics Program

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While people always point to Nazi, Germany, Canada is no stranger to eugenics. The Sexual Sterilization Act of 1928 forced Indigenous women to undergo sterilizations to diminish their population. Canada provided these women with a skewed “mental deficiency” test in an attempt to prove they were unfit to reproduce. The practice was widespread until the … Read more