Liz Truss to become Britain’s next prime minister, replacing Boris Johnson

Liz Truss to become Britain’s next prime minister, replacing Boris Johnson

LONDON — After a drawn-out contest, the country’s ruling Conservative Party on Monday picked Liz Truss to be its new leader and the U.K.’s new prime minister. Truss, until now the U.K.’s foreign minister, beat rival Rishi Sunak, the country’s former finance minister, to win the leadership race. With members of the Conservative Party asked … Read more

Investing in Precious Metals: A Guide for New Investors

Gold Standard

Precious metals have been prized for their beauty and scarcity for millennia. The oldest surviving examples of decorative gold artifacts date back some 6,000 years. It’s a legacy that continues into the present day, as investing in precious metals is a key strategy used to safeguard wealth. But how do you invest in gold, silver, and … Read more

North Korea Forms Alliance with Russia

Kim John Un of North Korea watching Stock Markets

On Korea’s liberation day, President Vladimir Putin responded to Kim Jong-Un’s request to join the fight in Ukraine. In a letter to the North Korean dictator, Putin said North Korea had been a friend to Russia since Japan’s defeat during World War II. Kim is calling for “strategic and tactical cooperation, support, and solidarity” between the two nations, and … Read more

Canada Bans Gun Imports

President Joe Biden - gun control meme

Canada is rapidly descending into a dictatorship under the rule of Justin Trudeau. Beginning on August 19, imports of handguns will be illegal. What has happened in the past when governments have seized guns from the people? Look throughout history, and you will find the same pattern emerges. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino determined that … Read more

War on China: the real target are the American people

North Korea's latest missle launch

[Originally published at The Naked Hedgie’s blog] As I write these lines, the US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently en route to Taiwan in what can only be described as a calculated, gratuitous provocation of China. The “normies” will surely protest that Pelosi has the right to visit other democratical nations, bla, bla, bla. For … Read more