Macron Tells Biden to Rethink Energy Plans

Saudi Oil - President Joe Biden meme

French President Emmanuel Macron pulled US President Joe Biden aside at the G7 summit to explain a few basic facts. Biden has been demanding Middle Eastern nations ramp up their oil and gas production to help offset the energy crisis his administration has created. It’s ok to drill and take from the environment as long … Read more

Power Grid: In 100 Degree Heat “Transformers start popping like Rice Krispies”

Power Grid Transformers

(Reuters) – U.S. power companies are facing supply crunches that may hamper their ability to keep the lights on as the nation heads into the heat of summer and the peak hurricane season. Extreme weather events such as storms, wildfires, and drought are becoming more common in the United States. Consumer power use is expected … Read more

Canadian Politician Urges Optimism Amid Energy Crisis

AOC let them drive Teslas

Since politicians are incapable of easing the energy crisis, they gaslight the public to believe that high prices are a good thing. Ontario Liberal candidate Granville Anderson is urging Canadians to see the “silver lining” in higher gas prices. “Maybe that’s a silver lining and that may allow people to think outside the box and … Read more

The Incredible Transition

What a global energy crisis means for North American Stocks

According to politicians around the world, the Great Unwashed plebians should be grateful for the energy crisis. President Joe Biden recently declared that America is undergoing an “incredible transition” and we must suffer in order to reap the benefits. “Here’s the situation. And when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that … Read more

Oil Spikes After EU Says Russian Embargo ‘Imminent’ As Germany Drops Opposition

Socal Gas prices in Los Angeles in late March 2022

Throughout the whole month consistently rejecting a proposed European Union ban on Russian oil, but while also walking a delicate tightrope of opposing Putin’s demand of payments in rubles for Russian energy, Germany is now ready to pull the trigger on an embargo. It’s another major Berlin U-turn happening in tandem with the decision to send … Read more