The Dollar Crisis is Far Greater than Anyone Imagines

US Dollar dominates as inflation heats up scaled

QUESTION: Marty, Socrates is worth its weight in something far more valuable than gold. I want to congratulate you for you are the ONLY adviser who nailed not just the cryptocurrency bloodbath, but that the dollar would rise when everyone else kept predicting it would crumble to dust. Then you warned that emerging markets would move into crisis … Read more

Dollar domination continues, as the yen slumps to a 2-decade low. Here’s why U.S. investors should pay attention.

US Dollar dominates as inflation heats up scaled

A strong dollar will make it hard on U.S. multinationals The dollar soared against major rivals on Thursday, hitting a two-decade high against the yen, as the Bank of Japan vowed to continue a dovish stance and pledged unlimited bond-buying. Extending losses into the U.S. morning, the yen USDJPY, 2.06% slid 1.7% to ¥130.63 against the dollar, a … Read more

The Crashing Yen Has Dominated Global Financial News But Far More Revelatory Currency Pairs Exist

Japanese Yen

There is absolutely nothing insightful or valuable about tweeting or repeating the popular narratives that circulate in mass financial media. But to illustrate the dull, boring herd mentality of financial journalists, go to Twitter and search for “Japanese yen” and you’ll find thousands of tweets comparing Yen to BTC, gold, other fiat currencies, all “inspired” … Read more