SoftBank posts a $21.6 billion quarterly loss on its Vision Fund, one of the highest in its history

SoftBank's Vision Fund by Founder: Masayoshi Son

SoftBank posted one of its biggest losses at its Vision Fund investment unit for its fiscal first quarter, as technology stocks continue to get hammered amid rising interest rates. The Japanese giant’s Vision Fund posted a 2.93 trillion Japanese yen ($21.68 billion) loss for the June quarter. This is the second-largest quarterly loss for the Vision … Read more

Premature rally? It’s too early to talk of central bank ‘peak hawkishness,’ strategist says

United States Federal Reserve building - Washington DC USA

A preoccupation with peak hawkishness from central banks is jumping the gun, according to Jean-Paul Jaegers, head of asset allocation at Barclays Wealth & Investments. Major central banks throughout the world have been tightening monetary policy and raising interest rates in a bid to contain runaway inflation in recent months. However, some stock markets staged a mild relief … Read more

“Who Will Be This Recession’s Lehman?”: Wall Street’s Most Accurate Analyst Says “3600 Is The New Bull Case”

Recession obsession fears

Two weeks ago, just when everyone thought that he couldn’t turn any more bearish, BofA’s chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett, Wall Street’s biggest bear who is by extension has also emerged as the most accurate sell-side analyst (the average S&P price target of his peers was around 5,000 when he first correctly warned a recession and … Read more

Fed may need to be even more aggressive in fighting inflation as U.S. household cash exceeds debt for the first time in three decades, warns Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

‘A hard landing will ultimately be unavoidable by late ‘23 / early ‘24 after an aggressive series of Fed hikes over the next 18 months,’ says Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid With U.S. households looking in good financial shape, the Federal Reserve may need to be even more aggressive raising interest rates to cool the economy … Read more

The Beginning of the Beginning

The Beginning

Already, the inflationary impacts of unlimited QE and the Ukraine Crisis are being felt across the globe. Your Central Bankers will try to convince you that they can restrain these forces simply by raising interest rates, but they will fail, and the situation will worsen in the months ahead. How’s that for a gloomy opening … Read more

Get ready for $900 billion of stock purchases this year, says Goldman Sachs. Here’s who’s buying.

$900 billion of stock purchases this year

Wall Street is looking a little less surefooted as a new week begins, with oil sliding as fresh COVID lockdowns in China adding to a hefty worry pile. Bonds continue to slump as well. But maybe don’t bet against stocks, which have been regrouping since an early March pullback. “‘Less bad than feared’ is a … Read more

Unbeknown To Most, A Financial Revolution Is Coming That Threatens To Change Everything (And Not For The Better)

Bank Of Japan Says No Single CBDC to Dominate Global Finance

Given how much is at stake, this financial revolution is among the most important questions today’s societies could possibly grapple with. It should be under discussion in every parliament of every land, and every dinner table in every country in the world. Around 90 central banks are either in the process of experimenting with or … Read more