Energy Crisis Driving Up Food Costs

High Inflation may be behind us

Agriculture experts are calling this season one of the most important crop years in recent history. The supply chain has barely improved, exports are expensive, and we must rely on domestically grown and raised food more than ever. Everything is connected, as are the ongoing crises. The energy crisis is adding to rising food prices … Read more

As food prices hit an all-time high, more Americans have abandoned online grocery shopping and returned to supermarket aisles

US Grocery Sales Declined 6 Percent

The war in Ukraine has driven up international prices for wheat, maize, and vegetable oils, the UN’s food agency said Friday More Americans are browsing again — in grocery-store aisles rather than online. With U.S. states abandoning mask mandates in public places, more retailers dropping requirements for masks — and the latest omicron wave that … Read more

House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

house votes to legalize marijuana

Individual states began legalizing marijuana a few years ago after the 1969 Supreme Court decision led to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Now, the House has voted to legalize marijuana on the Federal level despite President Biden’s sudden opposition. This is all linked to the Sovereign Debt Crisis – turn down the economy, and governments will … Read more