Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to Attend Senate Hearing on Safety

Boeing CEO, Dave Calhoun, Faces Senate Panel Regarding Safety and Manufacturing Crises

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun is set to testify before a Senate panel on Tuesday to address the company’s safety and manufacturing crises following an incident where a door panel blew out of a nearly new 737 Max 9 jet in January. This comes at a time when Boeing is working diligently to enhance employee training, improve aircraft quality, and mend its tarnished safety reputation.

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Calhoun, who has announced his plans to step down before the end of the year, will face tough questions from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. The company is still in search of a replacement for Calhoun, who took over after the previous leader was ousted for his handling of two fatal Boeing crashes.

During the hearing, Calhoun is expected to acknowledge the concerns about Boeing’s culture and outline the steps the company is taking to address these issues. This hearing comes at a critical time for Boeing as the Justice Department is considering potential prosecution after the company violated a 2021 settlement related to the 737 Max crashes that resulted in the loss of 346 lives.

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The FAA has also taken a firm stance against Boeing, keeping inspectors on the ground at the company’s facilities until safety improvements are made. This has impacted Boeing’s aircraft output, leading to production and delivery delays that have affected major customers like Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

In addition to safety concerns, Boeing is also facing supply chain issues, with a major supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, reporting that titanium entered the supply chain with falsified documents. Despite this setback, Boeing is moving forward with plans to purchase Spirit AeroSystems, a deal that Calhoun believes will likely be finalized in the first half of the year.

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