Biden’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese EVs might not discourage increasing menace

As we enter the new era of electric vehicles (EVs), the world is witnessing a fierce battle for dominance in the auto sales market. President Joe Biden recently announced a plan to quadruple tariffs on China-made electric vehicles in an effort to promote American investments and jobs. However, the question remains: Will this be enough to stave off the threat of more Chinese cars flooding the U.S. market?

Experts in the automotive and trade industries believe that while the increased tariffs may act as a short-term protectionist measure, it is unlikely to completely halt Chinese automakers’ entry into the U.S. market. Despite the 100% tariff on EVs imported from China, there are loopholes that could still allow Chinese models to undercut domestic prices and create challenges for Western automakers and suppliers.

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The quality of Chinese automakers’ vehicles has significantly improved in recent years, thanks in part to government subsidies that have fueled domestic production. This has led to a rapid deterioration of market share for global automakers like General Motors in China. As Chinese manufacturers continue to expand globally, it is only a matter of time before more China-made vehicles make their way to the U.S.

While the new tariffs may pose challenges for Chinese EV and parts makers in the short term, analysts believe that China’s push for EVs is unlikely to be halted in the long run. In fact, if successful, the Biden administration’s tariffs could have a ripple effect on other countries, including in Europe, as Chinese companies may be forced to establish local production operations or joint ventures to lower export costs and continue their expansion.

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