Bank of America predicts that stocks like Nvidia will continue to rise during the summer months.

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest insights and analysis in the world of investing. This week, Bank of America has highlighted a selection of stocks that are primed for growth as we head into the summer months. Among these stocks are industry leaders like Nvidia, Carnival, Block, and Palantir Technologies.

Let’s start with Carnival, which recently reported better-than-expected earnings, signaling positive momentum moving forward. Analyst Andrew Didora of Bank of America sees potential for Carnival to continue its upward trajectory, citing healthy cruise spend and positive commentary on future bookings.

Next up is Block, a payment company that has seen a slight dip in its stock price this year. Despite this, analyst Jason Kupferberg believes that the company’s strong fundamentals make it a compelling buy. With increasing sell-side estimates and a solid valuation, Block presents an attractive opportunity for investors.

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Palantir Technologies has been a standout performer this year, with shares soaring nearly 60%. Analyst Mariana Perez Mora sees further potential for growth, particularly ahead of the company’s upcoming earnings in August. With positive catalysts on the horizon, such as potential inclusion in the S&P 500, Palantir remains a solid buy in Mora’s eyes.

Finally, we have Square and Nvidia, both of which offer compelling investment opportunities. Square’s attractive valuation and strong fundamentals make it an appealing choice for investors, while Nvidia’s solid fundamentals and promising future outlook make it a worthwhile investment despite potential volatility.

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