Analysts are reducing their earnings forecasts

Are you looking to make smart investments during this earnings season? While many companies are exceeding expectations, there are still some stocks that investors should be cautious of. At Extreme Investor Network, we have identified key stocks that have seen a significant decrease in analyst earnings estimates leading up to their reports.

One company to watch out for is NRG Energy, which has experienced a 50% decrease in average earnings per share estimates from analysts over the past three months. Despite a strong performance this year, analysts remain bearish on the stock. With the stock trading near the average price target and uncertainty surrounding the appointment of a new CEO, it may not be the best time to invest in NRG.

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Another stock to be wary of is Match Group, with the average analyst earnings per share estimate falling more than 16% in the last three months. Although the stock has dropped in 2024, there is still potential upside according to the average price target. While analysts maintain a buy rating on Match Group, the recent slide in stock price is a cause for concern.

Stay ahead of the game and make informed investment decisions by keeping an eye on these stocks with declining analyst estimates. For more investment insights and tips, visit Extreme Investor Network.

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